Data from instruments are uploaded in one of two methods. The first uses the CTP to upload DICOM data and is best suited to clinical sites. The second uses the Non-DICOM Upload Tool which is used where there are any non-DICOM data that need to be uploaded. The figure below gives a schematic overview of how data is transferred.

InstrumentFacilityDetailed InformationInstrument IDTriage Project IDQC Project ID
GE 3T MRII-Med RadiologyG3 3T MRI

MR Solutions 7T MRISydney ImagingMR Solutions 3T & 7T MRI10.25910/5cf9f821b4c947T_Uncat
MR Solutions 3T MRISydney ImagingMR Solutions 3T & 7T MRI10.25910/5cf9e65ffa8c4

Siemens Artis PhenoSydney ImagingSiemens ARTIS pheno10.25910/5cf9f7b9b4c93

Ivis Spectrum CTSydney ImagingIVIS Spectrum CT

Faxitron UltraFocus DXASydney ImagingFaxitron UltraFocus DXA

MiLabs U-CTSydney ImagingMILabs U-CT

Vevo2100Sydney ImagingVevo 2100/3100

Vevo3100Sydney ImagingVevo 2100/3100