Research Data Store

The Research Data Store (RDS) provides a central location to securely store research data. For access, create a project with Research Data Storage in Researcher Dashboard (DashR).

To access RDS from off-campus locations, please connect to the University VPN before following the instructions below.

You can access RDS by "mapping a network drive" the following network path:


Refer to the following guides for information on mapping RDS as a network drive:

When asked for a user name, University staff can use either mcs\<unikey> or shared\<unikey>. Replace <unikey> (replace the angle brackets too) with your unikey. If you are not a member of University staff, use shared\<unikey> as your username when connecting to RDS.

On MacOS, you can access your research-data network drive by opening the Finder application, then clicking Go → Computer. You cannot access the research-data network drive in the "locations" menu of the Finder sidebar.

If your project has Artemis HPC access, you can access RDS project data on login nodes and data transfer nodes in the /rds directory. You may also access your data via a SFTP server. For information about SFTP access, refer to the SFTP access to the Research Data Store guide.

Troubleshooting connection issues

  • RDS can only be mapped as a network drive on-campus. If you are off-campus, connect to the University VPN before connecting to RDS.
  • Only one set of UniKey credentials can connect to RDS from one computer at one time. If you have connected to RDS using a different set of UniKey credentials (for example, if you are using a shared computer and someone else has left their RDS drive mapped), disconnect their network drive before mapping your RDS share.
  • MacOS users may need to disconnect and reconnect their network drives if their existing mapped network drive stops working.

SFTP access

Project data is accessible via SFTP in addition to the above access method. For information on this access method, refer to the SFTP access to the Research Data Store guide.

Other University supported research data platforms

RDS is one of many research data storage platforms offered by the University. For more information about other research data storage platforms, visit For information about data security classification, visit the security classification of research data page of the Services Portal.