IDS - Getting Started

Who can use IDS?

All researchers or clinicians at Australian institutions which are member of the Australian Access Federation can use the service using their work email. Researchers at other institutions will need to register with one of the member universities.

How do I create a project on IDS?

IDS projects are created using DASHR. Note that a University of Sydney academic must be lead the project.

Is there a cost?

Costs are currently covered by the DVC-R for research purposes. For purely educational uses, please contact to discuss.

Can I meet with someone to discuss how my research group could best use the service?

Yes! Contact

I have a problem. How do I get help?

  • If you are having a technical problem, click Help->Report a Problem in XNAT and fill out the form. This will notify the Site Managers at Sydney Imaging (

  • Open a ticket in ServiceNow to notify ICT.

  • Visit the official XNAT Google Group for community discussion.

My group wants to add a new pipeline to XNAT. Who do I contact?