AWS VMs for Research

AWS VMS for research Release 1 uses AWS's self service portal to create VMs for short term experimentation on Windows Server (Microsoft Windows Server 2016) and Linux (Redhat 7.4) platforms.

Those researchers wishing to participate are registered and use the instructions in these pages to create VMs in AWS using a self service portal.

The current version of this POC is Release 1 and you should read the provided Product description notes to determine the features of this Release.

Detailed information regarding the registration process and details of how to create VMs is in the Getting Started documentation.

There is a section on How-Tos, to assist with common tasks and FAQs to help with questions related to the VMS created in AWS.

The other topics "Support details for AWS VMS for research Release 1" and  "When things go wrong" are intended to ICT staff to help understand and support the Release 1 offering.